Buying Investment Properties & Renovating

Charleston’s real estate market can be overwhelming for some, especially when you are looking to buy a renovation project and use it as an investment property. The past few years have seen a lot of change. Finding a place that is worth the investment whilst pricing out the upgrades needed to make it viable is much harder; the market offers slim pickings since charleston is such a destination location.

Due Diligence is Key

There are still some good deals out there and having a Realtor that knows what to look for for can make all the difference between making a profit or getting in too deep. There are many realtors in the Charleston tri-county area, but few know what to look for when pricing out future upgrades and possible hazards with older buildings.

I have found that being actively involved with my contractors and renovation specialists has helped save my clients from some fatal flaws in home buying and investing. Having a professional on the ground from the initial viewing to the projected income production can really make a difference on your bottom line.

Always discuss these things with your licensed Realtor before making a potential big mistake.

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